Project Executive
  • Independent, creative and with good management skills.
  • Can make decisions and able to lead the team.
  • A self-starter and can prepare and present proposals as needed.
  • Minimum of 1 year relevant experience.
  • Goood communication skills in Thai & English.
  • Receiving the customer's requirement Interpreted as a detailed and accurate objective with AE.
  • Establish a broad budget structure. To control creative ideas In accordance with the budget.
  • Determine the problem, what the client wants and what the client doesn't want and sort the priority in order to get the clear "Messages".
  • Creative Meeting meeting with MD, GM, PM, PDM and team.
  • Take the conclusion from Creative Meeting to make a proposal together with Creative and AE.
  • Summaries with the Purchaser to check the production cost as detailed in the program.
  • Conclude with the Design Department to create the material in the presentation, prepare a specifying Function document, Special Techniques,and the desired scene's project. Or may draft a picture to find a reference to matching an idea. Brief and inspection of the quality of the workpiece in the presentation.
  • Review the format and guidelines for the presentation with AE, GM, and MD to verify the accuracy between the client's needs and the presentation format. Before offering to client.
  • Presenting the proposal to client together with AE if necessary.
Creative Account Executive